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Dreading Spring Cleaning? Here’s 4 Essential Tips for Stress-Free Cleaning From Maids 4 Less

After a long winter where your family has hibernated indoors for months, your home most likely needs freshening up. To get the job done, Maids 4 Less, a leading provider of residential cleaning services in Bucks County, PA, offers helpful, quick, and easy spring cleaning tips for homeowners planning to tackle spring cleaning seriously.

Establish A Routine

The most overwhelming task of spring cleaning is figuring out where to start, but we know how to make it more manageable. We recommend splitting your cleaning into 30 to 60-minute cleaning sessions, so it isn’t paralyzing. Choose one specific area to tackle; for example, clean the master bath and bedroom one afternoon, and the living room and dining room the next. Don’t make your closet a part of your routine, set that aside another day as closets aren’t dirty as much as they are messy.

Have Your Supplies Ready

To make your spring cleaning much easier, be sure to have the following essential cleaning products and tools listed in the video below on hand.



Learn How To “Properly” Clean A Room

It’s essential to work from top to bottom and dry to wet. Start by removing cobwebs, dusting crown molding, ceiling fans, ledges, windowsills, and glass before removing dust and grime from baseboards, doors, and light switches. Once the periphery is finished, move on to furniture, decor, and bedding. Spring is also an excellent time to switch out curtains and flip mattresses.

Hire A Maid Service To Keep Up Maintenance!

From daily services to services from month to month, Maids 4 Less will design cleaning packages based upon your preferences and budget. By hiring a professional, not only are you saving valuable time but you have someone do a job that they have been trained to do.  When life is hectic and unpredictable, Maids 4 Less is there to make sure your home is clean and taken care of.

If spring cleaning truly isn’t your thing, it’s best to trust the experts to get the job done right. Maids 4 Less has 15 years of experience in cleaning homes in Bucks County, PA, and is fully licensed, insured, and bonded for the sake of our customers and employees. Browse our website or call one of our locations today to learn more about our services!