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5 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean While Cooking

As the leading provider of house cleaners in Delaware County and the surrounding areas, we take as much pride as our clients do when it comes to clean homes. That’s why we’d like to share some tips and information on how to clean certain areas of a home with them.

Below, we’ve provided some tips for keeping your kitchen clean while cooking.

Make it Easy to Clean as You Work

By preparing your workspace before cooking with a bowl of warm soapy water, you can save time on your cleanup. This can also help to consolidate your dirty things (rather than leaving them hanging around on the kitchen units) and they can all be placed in the bowl as they are used. It’s also useful to begin cooking with an empty dishwasher so that you can load it as you go along.

Utilize a Garbage Bowl

Instead of walking back and forth to the trash can with handfuls of scraps or food waste, place a bowl on your kitchen counter to stash all of your cooking waste. This is more efficient and will help you to save time throughout a busy cooking schedule.

Place a Flexible Cutting Mat on top of Your Chopping Board

Think of the last time you used a large, stock chopping board and tried to slide a load of chopped vegetables into a pan. Did some of them fall on the floor? A great tip is to place a flexible, thin cutting mat on top of your chopping board. When it’s time to transfer the vegetables, pick this up, and bend it to funnel all the vegetables into the pot.

Take the Trash Can out of the Cupboard

Remove the trash can or recycling bin from your cupboard and set it right by the counter so that all the trash that accumulates can be placed in it without having to stress over the opening and closing of the cupboard every five minutes.

Take it Slow

One of the best ways to minimize the mess and clutter is to cook more slowly. Slowing down and being more deliberate when measuring, wiping up, and chopping is the most effective way to cook neatly. Many people try to do too many things at once, and this creates a mess.  

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