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5 Things You Can Do Before a House Cleaner Arrives

As the leading provider of maid services in Bucks County, PA, and nearby regions, we’re proud to provide hard-working professionals to assist with all manner of home cleaning duties. Our fully insured staff works hard to keep your homes looking spik and span. Here are some tips on things that you can do to prepare your house for our cleaning services.

Put the Pets Away in a Safe Place

If your pets are uncomfortable around strangers or are continually trying to run outdoors to explore, it’s best to put them in a secure crate or locked room on the days that cleaners are due at your home. This always depends on both your pet’s level of comfort with new people and the house cleaners preferences.

Lock Away Valuables Securely

Every single one of our cleaning staff is vetted and background checked to the highest possible standards. However, that doesn’t always guarantee that theft won’t occur. If you are yet to build up a level of trust with your cleaner, it’s best to protect your peace of mind by securing valuables in a safe, a locked room, or perhaps inside your car.

Put Away Any Household Items Left Lying Around

Unless your cleaner has been specifically instructed to pick things up and put them away in their correct places, we advise that you clean any obstructive items before the cleaner arrives. This way, the cleaning staff can get straight to their cleaning jobs without having to guess where things belong, or move items out of the way so that they can clean efficiently.

Identify Areas That Need Specific Attention

It’s great if you can plan and let cleaners know where you would like them to spend the most time. For example, if you have decided that your bathroom needs a deep clean, and you want your cleaners to allocate most of their time in there, call ahead and let them know before the day that they are due to clean.

Make Sure Your Cleaners Can Get In

Make sure that your cleaner has all the necessary information to shut off a home alarm system and gain access to your home. This could mean dropping a key off or arranging to store a key in a lock box or secure place. This saves time and makes the whole cleaning process more efficient for both parties.

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