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7 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Cleaner Longer

As a leading provider of house cleaning services in Delaware County, we understand that bathrooms can be a messy affair. We use our bathrooms every day, and without regular maintenance, they can become filthy very quickly.

The following tips will help you to keep your bathroom cleaner, for longer.

Install Towel Bars

Your bathroom will look tidier, and towels will dry quicker if you hang them across a towel bar. If there is no space on your walls, you may wish to consider and over the door towel bar or hook.

Reduce Moisture

If you want to reduce mildew stains, we recommend that you dry your shower after use. Wiping down the shower area with a squeegee after each shower can help to avoid the accumulation of mildew and moisture. Alternatively, opening a window and switching on an extractor fan can help to dissipate moisture and encourage a drier shower area.

Lose the Bar of Soap at the Sink

By replacing the bar of soap that sits next to your sink with liquid detergent or a hands-free soap dispenser, you can eliminate the dirty soap dish and help your sink and countertop area stay cleaner for longer.

Tidy Bathroom Cabinets

By dedicating spots for hair tools or cosmetics within your medicine cabinet, these products can be stored away but remain accessible. This will help to declutter your bathroom counter and help to make the room look cleaner.

Invest in Long-Lasting Cleaning Products

Cheap products can give poor results. By investing in slightly more expensive, longer lasting products, you can help to keep tubs, toilets, and sinks stain free for up to seven days.

Keep Some Antibacterial Wipes Handy

For annoying watermarks, toothpaste stains, or make-up spillages, keep a stash of antibacterial wipes in your bathroom cupboard. This way, you can quickly wipe away stains before they become more stubborn and difficult to clean.

Regularly Clean Your Shower Curtain

By spritzing the bottom of a vinyl shower curtain several times a month with bleach, you can avoid the build-up of scum and mildew. Remember to rinse off the shower curtain every time you have a shower, and you can avoid having to launder the curtain regularly.

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